We are experiencing of a massive and sudden shift in how we perceive ourselves as a species on this planet.  We are approaching a state of awareness where we are unable to resist re-examining everything we’ve been told, identifying illusion and error, and embracing entirely new directions of thinking.  More and more it seems the brightest future of humanity is one that will be shaped by those thinking farthest outside the box.

Surely this list is only a tiny sampling of the huge wealth of ideas being shared that is growing daily…   I hope that others will continue to add and recommend further links that have inspired them in the ‘Comments’ sections below.

Lets share ideas, grow from each other and help expand in all directions.

It has begun: Humanity’s Immune Response

In all areas of human existence, the same patterns seem to be exponentially emerging;  a sense of waking up, re-examining what we’ve been told, and the creation of new better ways of doing them.

Many people will see this undeniable rapid evolution in many different ways, bringing their own unique views and ideas to the table. – They are all right.  It is the collectivity of these millions of awakenings together, not the individual ideas themselves that is creating something larger – something that no government could ever manage, something no flag or currency could ever represent.

‘Humankind knows what to do.



The Challenge (Terrence McKenna)

Terrence McKenna is almost always entirely pleasurable for anyone who has had a glimpse into the realms he discusses. Here is one of his clips where he really nails down what many feel are currently happening with human consciousness.  The future frequencies of experience are surely moving in the direction of more collective and dream-like realities, and further away from the rigid, narrow way of teaching of a mutually consistent and measurable ‘Reality’.


Belgian MP dropping truth like a BOSS

So great to see.  2013 will be the year of the whistle(blower). Lets tear the chains off these doors and finally get people to see that the Emperor truly wears no clothes. It has become obvious.

WAR This guy.
(click the Youtube button and turn on CC for english subtitles) 


Money and the Turning of the Age

A brilliant 2-part presentation by Charles Eisenstein, who is flipping the very metaphysical concept of money on its head. What is money? Does it rule us, or do we rule it? What effect does the nature of interest have on our psychologies and paradigms of self and reality? How would money exist in an enlightened society that experiences the interconnectedness of all?

Well worth the watch, (Part 2 is dynamite).

Part 2 


Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within

A fantastic documentary exploring a trend of ideas and discussion that seems to be shaping our new collective paradigm of consciousness for the future.

Since the turn of the century (and before) our world has been slowly changed into a purely objective material philosophy. All notions of spiritual experience were ridiculed from the status quo.  The shamans and natural wisdoms of the world were (almost) wiped out, and any assisted exploration of such realms through psychedelics has been demonized by the ruthless war on drugs.

This film proposes that a re-awakening is occurring in which these deep-seated parts of our being are coming back, and may just be the very key to our future survival and evolution.


Even the Troops are Waking Up

The title says it all.  Listen to this enlightened testimony from an ex-soldier who had served in Iraq.  It gets no truer than this.

Our view and belief system of how we see western military foreign policy and war has been so twisted from the truth, so utterly censored and hoodwinked through the media, that many of us find it difficult to snap out of the dream even if we wanted to.  To fully free ourselves from the hypnosis and cultural programming is to awaken to a horror on this planet that is barely conceivable to the human imagination.

Once we realize it, however, we awaken to a new sense of truth or light that is more than worth the price. Once we see it, it is just as difficult to allow one’s self to return to complacency.  Let’s shake the dream, dissolve the hypnosis. The narrative no longer holds water.


Do schools kill creativity?

Our view of education is an invaluable area in which new ideas and evolution of consciousness are most needed.  We underestimate the extent of influence our schooling has on permanently shaping our mental operating systems and how we see and live in the world. If old paradigms are indeed revealing their flaws, and new directions of humanity are being explored, then the ways we teach our children should also be totally re-examined. This speech seems to be putting a foot in the right direction.



An amazing 12-part documentary on the ridiculousness of the modern housing industry, and the obvious sense and intelligence of natural home-building. Totally inspiring,  will give watchers a whole new outlook on community, resources, mortgages and general quality of human life at both a micro and macro levels.

This is for sure an early-sprouting seed of an absolutely crucial part of our evolution on this planet. Let’s tend to it and see what grows.


Genetic Roulette

This film proposes an explanation to the alarming sudden increase in a variety of inflammatory illnesses regarding intestinal function, infertility, food allergies, and possibly even the rise of conditions of autism. The GMO foods and introduction of pesticides into our food system are causing chaos with our immune systems, and the illnesses are our bodies telling us to reject them.

I have personally experienced this;  for over 2 years I suffered from harsh intestinal symptoms. I stopped eating modified wheat products and cured myself completely.

There is a great metaphor in the film; If you buy a car that runs on gasoline, and you start putting diesel in it, you can expect to start seeing some problems with the vehicle.



Terence Mckenna – Culture is your Operating System

Another gem from Terrence McKenna exploring how deep the unconscious assumptions of our daily culture really are, and what happens when we are able to identify and strip ourselves from such ‘cultural operating systems’.


Sir, No Sir!

A study of how the anti-war movement of the late 1960’s spread to massive direct dissension within the military itself, and how the war-machine reacted.  This pre-internet leap in war-awareness was somehow buried shortly after, and society sort of fell back asleep.

Lets hope that a new consciousness in those being used to fight today may lead the same revolution again, only this time with the power of global social networking behind it. When the soldiers refuse to fight, and see the evils in what they are being told to do, much can change.



Alan Watts – The Way of Waking Up

Alan Watts is my personal all-time favourite modern philosopher.  There are so many hundreds of hours of audio material from this man, I wouldn’t know where to begin picking any favourites. Here is just a short sample;

– if you dig his tone, I highly recommend further time devoted to any of his other talks or books. They are all truly, refreshingly wonderful.

Just type his name into Youtube and go exploring;  listening to any of his talks is almost a way in itself of meditating or getting ‘high’.


Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

Among all the videos on this page, this one stands out in its originality, simplicity and profundity. A single 22-minute narrative that encompasses what other documentaries take hours to express, this film outlines the historic roots of today’s American Empire, and will make any continued compliance with its machinery seem utterly insane. Anyone who can see the apparatus for what it is must realize that the time has come to make a choice – to decide to be complacent in full knowledge of what we are allowing, or to begin the change.


Dr Bruce Lipton with Lisa Harrison

This fascinating interview discusses a larger concept that is turning our whole western conception of everything on it’s head.  Our entire concept of cause and effect, action and reaction in the mind-body/organism-environment relationship may be backwards. Compliments well with Tom Campbell’s theories, that conscious intent is the driver and cause of cellular behaviour, and not the other way around. Such ideas would force us to re-evaluate our unconscious assumptions and patterns at almost every level.  The findings of such re-evaluation from this perspective seem to reveal a great many obvious truths.


The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Every single facet behind the illegality of the Cannabis plant is becoming more and more obviously ridiculous. From the near infinite industrial use of a wholly renewable resource, to saving forests, to its vast medicinal properties, to the history of lies and propaganda, to the pacifist nature of its effects, to its enhancement of creativity, to the profits of the prison system, to the deeply insane logic of the ‘War on Drugs’, to the basic rights of human beings enjoying the properties of a naturally occurring plant – everything these days is pointing towards a movement to drop this insane cultural fallacy.

For all these reasons and more, the day this plant is legalized (not merely decriminalized), and its properties are freely explored and utilized, will be a day where the human family takes a big leap upward in maturity.


Labeling Kids with Bogus ‘Mental Disorders’

Another bit on education in under 2-minutes that is enough to change the way we see the ‘students’ in today’s education system.

Currently, a child has is told they have a ‘disorder’ if they don’t fit into the narrow expectations and mechanism of the school system…  We need to understand that a true education must work the other way around; we must adapt the way we teach according to the infinite diversity and gifts of its individual students.

Please help open more discussion of re-examining our education system and curriculum.  It is a far cry from a system that would truly open and nurture positive human potential to its fullest.


Albert Hofmann’s Potion – LSD documentary

A straightforward factual history of LSD – its creation, early experimentation, and the cultural revolution that occurred as a result of its migration to the public.  Excerpts from  Hofmann himself, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Ram Dass. etc.

The social, medicinal and scientific embracement of the existence of such states of mind and what they present to us is a desperately needed leap towards real consciousness evolution, and should no longer be ignored.


Why Beauty Matters

This documentary haunted me for weeks after seeing it.  It poses some ideas and questions that I think may even go beyond the intention of the filmmakers.  Highly recommended not just as a commentary on art, but on the very nature of reality and our interaction and effect on it through our creative power.

Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World

The story of Nikola Tesla is a fascinating one – a pure genius who harnessed electric current and offered free energy to the world, but was silenced by wealthy investors and stripped from the history books in the name of profit for the few.  Tesla professed that his ideas were not his own, but are available for anyone to tap into at any time via dreams, and a theory of  “1% perspiration, 99% inspiration’.

It is these frequencies of thinking that we should be looking to as examples for raising our abilities to use our creative and deductive powers to the fullest.


Alan Watts – The universe as one big event

Another short talk that I hope may open some people to the beauty of Alan Watts. Again, this is hardly the best of the many YouTube links available…  they are all amazing.  But this one seems to sum up in a few minutes (most of his lectures are longer) the breakthrough of thinking that humanity seems to be experiencing.

Thinking of things as part of a whole, as a single collective is surely a cornerstone of how we need to change our perspectives.  Watts understood this inherently, and had the gift of words to share it in wonderfully humorous and entertaining ways.


Tom Campbell

Is Consciousness a result of the physical mechanism of the universe, or is the universe a result of consciousness?  Is reality truly objective, and mutually agreeable?  Or are we truly ‘stuff that dreams are made of’? Tom Campbell is a fascinating ex-NASA physicist that is suggesting that the current assumptions on the relationship of consciousness/matter and cause/effect are to be flipped entirely on its head.  Highly enjoyable.

Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9


Secrets in Plain Sight

The first few chapters of this may ring of your typical conspiracy rant, but the film as a whole unfolds into something very different and amazing…

This film is an impressive body of research and study that shows that while the bridge between matter and energy is something that science seems to just be beginning to crack… a powerful code of sacred knowledge has been modelled in plain sight throughout the mathematics, architecture, city-planning, physiology, and symbolisms of western civilization for hundreds of years.  The purpose of posting it here is not to illustrate some hidden wisdom conspiracy, but rather that if one exists. that the prizes of their knowledge seem to be focussed exactly on documenting such an alchemical bridge between the material world and the divine.

‘As above, so below’.


Manly P. Hall – Mysteries Of The Astral Light

Manly P Hall is one of the most intriguing figures I have aver come across.  At the age of 27, he published an incredible encyclopedic volume of study entitled An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy: The Secret Teachings of All Ages. He spent his entire life giving over 8000 lectures and sharing a mysteriously bottomless reservoir of deep understandings of ancient symbology and cosmic knowledge of the ages.

There is a vast amount of talks on YouTube where you can hear him speak, here is just one sample that I particularly like he gave near the end of his life;

Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9


John Perkins: Transforming Turmoil into New Economy

Another lecture from John Perkins, bringing his optimism as to how we can all stimulate positive change, even with the most corrupted of corporations. It is quite encouraging to hear from someone who has seen the most vile acts of power to share a belief that we can still turn it around. He encourages us not only to use our many individual passions and talents to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable and peaceful world, but also reminds us that the ‘corporatocracy’ running today’s world is ultimately dependent on US, and if we change our voice and habits and consciousness strong enough, that they will be forced to listen and change along side us.


Manly Palmer Hall – Ascension

Another pick from the many amazing Manly P Hall selections on YouTube.

Part 1 is missing…  but this great presentation can be picked up in part 2.  The depth of knowledge of this man and how he has so clearly internalized it to wisdom is a treasure to mankind that is vastly overlooked.

Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8


Ancient Knowledge of the Vedas and Bhagvatam

The 4000 year-old ancient Indian Vedas seem to have recorded a deep understanding of astronomical and cosmic motion.  What has seemed to the west as mere mythological rantings of a poly-dimensional universe, the Vedas are ever proving to be a vast and accurate science that is consistent with modern physics and astronomy.

There is too much evidence of a lost era of wisdom on this planet… a jewel of history not only from India but from all of humanity that we are just beginning to uncover.


Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness

A wonderful compilation from a variety of sources exploring the concept that consciousness and our understanding of its nature may be physically transforming our reality.  Concepts of cymatics and the vibration of matter are explored. A great creative exercise in opening ourselves to seeing the nature of reality in new ways.


Vedic Tour of our Universe and Beyond

Another fascinating presentation about the Vedas.  I think that recognizing, uncovering and re-connecting to the vast wisdom that humanity once lived in pre-recorded ages will be a big part of our current evolution. We are a species with amnesia. We need to ‘re-member’.


Randall Carlson: “The Great Year”

A wonderful presentation on the concept of the ‘Great Year’, echoed in the mathematics and astrology of the Mayans, the Vedas and Babylonian/Sumerian texts. There is a deep science of micro and macro cosmic relations that the ancients knew… its resurgence into modern consciousness I think is absolutely fascinating and will be a cornerstone of our future understanding.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12


The Awakening – Max Igan

Maybe its just the Australian accent… but I really did this guy’s angle.  He’s got a bunch of films on various themes, and I admire the obvious insight and personal passion he has put into them.



Someone put a LOT of time and love into this film, along with its more political predecessor Esoteric Agenda .  The creator is obviously passionate about spreading these areas of ideas, and his films are gathering a ton of appreciation online. Whether you agree with it all or not, we must applaud whomever is contributing as PART of a rising consciousness, and not argue over the different viewpoints that may be contained in this collective rising.



The recent flood of ‘awakening’-themed material and voices continues to expand at an exponential rate.  Here is a wonderful compilation of someone’s favourite bits, from a grand variety of some of today’s most influential voices, all edited together into an inspiring view of the amazing potential we all hold in our hands for transformation.


The Blue Buddha: Lost Secrets of Tibetan Medicine

We are taught in the west both as civilians and doctors that the medicinal industry of today is the highest in history, and that the pharmaceutical approach is the most reliable and safest path to human health. But to achieve this notoriety, many deep and rich histories of natural medicines were systematically wiped out and dismissed all over the world.

It seems more and more that the knowledge of natural health and wellness is re-emerging from its imposed darkness again from all cultures… This is just one example of what was nearly lost from Tibet.


The Real Revolution – Krishnamurti

Another wonderful source of insight that is impossible to select just one video from…

Like Alan Watts, Manly P Hall, and Terrence McKenna, Krishnamurti is another name I highly recommend anyone to explore.  Like the others there are hours of talks available on YouTube.  Here is one however that seems to fit the theme here of breaking open new and expansive paradigms of thought and consciousness.

Part 2