*What you are about to see is unconfirmed. They are .jpg photo files I received from an anonymous source I met at a bar in San Diego California, and I have no further means of validating their origin or authenticity. But the individual who gave them to me, though drunk, seemed nothing short of genuine, and I see no reason not to believe him. Masato Toys Inc is publishing this in the spirit of true independent MMA journalism, and are not making money off this whatsoever.


I had been in San Francisco recently for a non-MMA-related conference, and when it was over I still had a few hours to explore some of the local pubs before my flight back. I happened to be wearing my vintage Chute Boxe shirt, and as I waited for my drink at one of the bars, a young man asked me condescendingly if I trained. And as they say ‘thieves need no introduction on the street; they recognize each other immediately’, we too as MMA fanatics instantly detected the mutual gene.

But my new friend had had perhaps one too many, and eventually strayed from MMA into a ramble about his job and how much it sucked. He told me he worked at a major TV network, and had stolen something from them that ‘had to do with MMA’. His antagonism to his boss was something fierce, and he was contemplating leaking it. Under absolutely no coercion on my part, he placed a USB pen drive in my hand.

Barely able to stand, he told me to share it with the world, and that he was going to quit his job anyways.  I sat there frozen at the bar as he stumbled out the door into the ether. Why I didn’t chase him down for more information I will never know.

When I got back to my hotel I plugged in the pen drive, half expecting it to be filled with a virus or explosive device of some kind. But it worked. Twenty-one .jpg files.

What I found was a script for a pilot episode of a sitcom titled: ‘All in the Shamily’. The main characters apparently center around Frank Shamrock, his brother Ken Shamrock, and eccentric neighbor Tito Ortiz.

The only reason I can find for skepticism is that the pages are not 3-hole punched or fastened with brads like most scripts in the industry, but other than that it appears to be legit. He said the project had been killed and wasn’t being produced anyways, and no serious harm would come from leaking it now. It would only piss off his boss, and hopefully entertain a lot of MMA fans.


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